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  • Messaging on Auto-Attendant should include info about the daily steal, instant rewards and your lowest rate being available at
  • Signage Posted Around Clubhouse, Cart Signs, etc.
    • Best rates available at course website
    • Daily Steal Signage
    • Instant Rewards Signage
    • Why to Book Online Signage
  • At the Counter
    • Print Business Cards with 10% off promo codes on them
      • 10% OFF
      • One-Time use
      • Give to customers who book over the phone
      • Explain to customer benefits of booking online
  • Culture
    • Make sure your staff is comfortable and can communicate the benefits of booking online
    • Have contests with staff to see who can drive the most new online golfers
      • Create custom promo codes so we can track this
    • “Secret Shop” your own staff to make sure they’re pushing golfers to your website to book
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