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Understanding the Structure

The contacts section of the GolfBack Marketing CRM contains powerful insights to each of your customers. Each GolfBack Marketing CRM is initially set up for you however, understanding how the structure is built is key your ability to maintain and unleash the power the system has to offer. 

To help understand how the GolfBack Marketing CRM is built, imagine the file system on your computer. To stay organized, you might create a “Documents” folder and inside will be other folders that help you separate what each document is for. For instance, Mortgage, Car Loan, School all might be folders in your Documents folder. These are known as sub-folders and inside each of these sub-folders will be the documents you saved. By creating sub-folders, it’s now it’s much easier to locate the documents you need rather than keeping every document in the same folder.

This filing system structure is similar to how the GolfBack Marketing CRM tool works.


Lists are the main directory folders to store your contacts and should be thought of as big buckets. We recommend lists to be the least granular and keeping no more than 4 lists. Typically: Public Golfers, Members, Member Leads, & Event Leads. 


Using tags with lists can help you create highly targeted segments so that you can effectively engage with the right contacts and keep an organized database. Tags are one way of creating “sub-folders” for each of your lists. Examples may be social member, golf member, price sensitive, time sensitive, etc.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are used to store additional information about your contacts and are commonly used for information that doesn’t change often. For example, storing birthdays, interests, social media handles, etc.


Segments are used to combine the information from your lists, tags, and custom fields to easily target a specific group of people. For example, you would use a segment if you need to send a communication to public golfers with a lower handicap that have recently played in a tournament.

Structure Management

List Management

1. Select Lists from the left-hand main menu

2. Select the dropdown arrow and choose from the options you wish to edit

Tag Management

1. Select Contacts from the left-hand main menu

2. Select Manage Tags from the sub-menu

3. From here you can add or manage the tags in your system

4. If you’re not sure whether something should be a tag or a custom field, select the link to take the “Tag Quiz”

Creating a Segment

1. Select Lists from the left-hand main menu

2. Select the dropdown arrow next to the list you wish to create a segment for and select Segment

3. Apply a name for your segment

4. Apply the conditions you wish for your segment to contain.

5. If you want to have more than one condition, select +Add another condition

Adding Contacts

Importing Contacts

1. Select the import button found on the top of the screen.

2. Select the import file button found on the next page and select your .CSV file. (Files not in .CSV format will not be uploaded.

3. Once the software has uploaded your file, you will need to attach the customer profile details to the corresponding labels within the GolfBack Marketing CRM.

4. Choose which communications list these contacts will subscribe to.

5. Add any additional identifying tags

6. Choose whether you wish to update any existing customers (Recommended)

7. Select the import now button

Exporting Contacts

1. Select Export from the top of the main contacts page.

2. Add a name that the file will download to your computer as

3. Select any of the identifying information you wish to include in the export

Adding a Single Contact

1. Select Add a Contact from the top of the main contacts page

2. Complete all of the necessary information on the following screen. 

3. Select the Add Button

Important! When importing and creating contacts, it is highly important to include as much detail as possible. The more information the system has, the better it performs. If you need additional help when creating new contacts, please feel free to reach out to our staff.

Advanced Customer Profiles

Each customer profile is host to numerous insights to your customers. When you select a single contact to view their profile, you will be shown all of the contacts stored information and their recent activities.

Advanced customer profiles will include:

  • General Details
  • Golfing Profile
  • Membership Lead Information
  • Event Lead Information
  • Recent Interactions with your business
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