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g. Creating Automations

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Creating Automations

1. Getting Started

Creating email automations is the most efficient method to communicating with your customers.

To get started, navigate to the Automations Tab found on the left hand menu and select “Create Automation”

2. Select an Automation Template

For this example, we’ll be building a custom automation to send an email to a golfer the day before their tee time. Therefore, we are going to select “Start from Scratch” and select “Continue”

3. Select a Trigger

Triggers are what start the automation and can be based on a number of different data points. For our example, we are choosing “Date Based” to send a customer the email the day before their tee time.

4. Configure the Trigger

For our example, we are using a date based trigger and we are going to set the following conditions:

  • This trigger starts 1 day Before the Customers Tee Times Date
  • We (The system) are checking everyday at 5:00 PM to see who’s Tee Time is in 1 Day
  • We are making sure the Date, Month & Year match our query -> for recurring dates like birthdays you would use the first option
Once your finished, select “Add Start”

5. Create the second Automation Step

For our example, we are going to send an email anytime the conditions are met and our trigger is activated.


6. Create the email

For more on creating emails, click here. 


You can edit the email in this automation at anytime

7. Turn on the Automation

When you’re finished, the automation should look like the following image. Once you’re satisfied, simply select the button on the top right to activate the automation.


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