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b. Editing a Page

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How to edit a webpage

Select PAGES from the navigation menu on the left

Hover the cursor over the page you wish to edit and select EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR

It’s important to understand the structure of the website page. Each page consists on 3 modules that make up the layout for the site.

  1. Sections (Note by the orange outline in the image below)
  2. Columns (Noted by the green outline in the image below)
  3. Elements (Noted by the red outline in the image below)
Each of the sections, columns, and elements will have their own settings found on the left hand side once activated by clicking on them.

To edit the content on the page, simply click on the element you wish to edit, and adjust the content in the setting pane found on the left.

When you are finished editing the page, select the green Update button found at the bottom left of the screen.

Never share your usernames and passwords with anyone. If other staff members need to access the admin tools, contact to have separate accounts created for additional access.  GolfBack will never ask you for your username or password.

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