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Why promote online bookings?

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Why should I direct golfers to my website to book?

The golf industry giants, like GolfNow, have largely built their businesses on the automated collection of customer data that they can then use to their advantage in their marketing efforts.

In general, golf courses have struggled at collecting customer information at the counter and with third-party booking engines deployed on the only digital outlet they own (the website), third-party vendors are also collecting that data which puts the golf course at a disadvantage.

The GolfBack system was built with the goal of the golf course owning the relationship with the customer. Not a third-party. The goal is to automate the collection of your customer data and enter them into an eco-system that you own.

By gradually moving your golfers to book on your website, you will begin to grow your customer data base.

Website Bookings: Benefits for the course

  • Automated data collection
  • Reduced strain on the staff
  • Introduction to revenue generating tactics that increase revenue

Website Bookings: Benefits for the golfer

  • Convenience
  • Receive an overview of the daily inventory
  • Options to book based on time or price
  • Instant Rewards
  • Promotional Codes
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