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Tee-sheet Optimization Best Practices

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  • Pair twosomes on your tee sheet.  If a customer calls your first question should be how many players do you have?  If a customer wants something around 10:00 and you have a twosome already booked at 10:15 you should do everything in your power to pair that twosome leaving more availability for foursomes. 
  • The first question asked of a customer on the phone should always be “how many players do you have”. 
  • Stop including tax in your pricing. At $50/round you are eating at least $3 per round of sales tax. If you are doing 25,000 rounds, that’s an easy increase of $75k to the bottom line. 
  • Open your tee sheet earlier if full.  Ex. If you normally start your tee times at 6:30 during the week but are full from 6:30 until 7:00 open up times prior to 6:30.  This added revenue adds up over the course of a year.  
  • Squeeze tee times – at least one every two hours.  If you are full for a day part squeeze in a time and we can sell it at a premium.   
  • Use 9-hole rounds early in the morning off of the #10 tee, after a shotgun tournament off of the #10 tee, and in the late afternoon/evenings. $100 per day in revenue from these times would produce $25,000 in annual revenue or more! Do NOT sell 9-hole times in premium windows.
  • Don’t pander to the 5% of golfers that complain, focus on the 95% that are happy with the course and the service everyday. Listen to the complaints, but remember you can’t please everyone all of the time. Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, who is considered the best CEO of the past 50 years, says that you should fire the bottom 10% of your clients. They take 50% of your time, complain the most, and worst of all they make you think about changing good practices because they don’t like some things, most of all, change. 
  • Drive golfers to your most profitable channels where you obtain their data. The data is extremely valuable and a follow up marketing approach can lead to many more visits in the future from that golfer!

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